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ML Analytics with DBT

Perform advanced ML Analytics in DBT using SQL-inf and Infer.
SQL-inf brings native support of machine learning to SQL and DBT.
Supporting a range of ML commands as primitives, SQL-inf forms the basis
upon which to build advanced analysis for any business use case.
It is simple to setup and easy to integrate.

Native ML commands in SQL

SQL-inf supports many types of ML commands: predictive analytics, explainable AI,
clustering and similarities, text analysis, translations, time series forecasting and more.
Read more about SQL-inf.

SELECT * FROM predict_seller_conversion_input PREDICT(converted)

SELECT * FROM predict_seller_conversion_input EXPLAIN(PREDICT(converted))

SELECT * FROM customer_reviews TOPICS(review_text)

SELECT age, location, profession, interests FROM customers CLUSTER

SELECT * FROM users SIMILAR_TO(user_id=abd1234)

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Get started in 3 easy steps

>> Sign in to Infer and generate your API key <<

>> pip install dbt-infer <<

>> Setup your profile.yml <<

Get Started >>