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Setting up Azure SQL Server with Infer

Note: Only Dedicated SQL Pools are supported as valid Azure Synapse data sources in Infer. Learn more about Dedicate SQL Pools here.

Create a new Azure User for Infer

We recommend you create a new user specific to connecting to Infer.

To do this first open Synapse Studio and got to the developer hub. There click "+" and select "SQL Script".

Now in the IDE, connect to the SQL Pool you want to use but use the master database and run the follow command

CREATE LOGIN <username> WITH PASSWORD = '<password>';

Where you set the username to something related to Infer (for example infer_app) and the <password> as you with but something suitably secure. Remember to note this down, preferably in your password manager - you need this for the setup.

Now connect to your database, instead of master and run the following to create the user

CREATE USER <username> FROM LOGIN <username>;

Finally, grant the new user permissions to SELECT from the database

GRANT SELECT on DATABASE::<database> to <username>;

Connecting Infer to Azure

Click “Add Data Source” and select Azure from the dialog.

Now fill out the data source connection details as follows:

  • Host - input the “Dedicated SQL Endpoint” which you can find on the Overview screen of the Synapse Workspace
  • Port - leave it as 1433. Unless you have done something special this is the default
  • Database - input the name of your Dedicated SQL Pool
  • Username - the name of the user you created above, eg infer_app
  • Password - the password for the user you created above