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You can connect to Snowflake then use it as your data source. Learn how to setup a new Snowflake user to use with Infer, see this article.

  1. There are two ways to add a new data source: a. Click on the "Data Source" dropdown in the header. Data Source Dropdown b. Go to the Data Source screen and click the "New data source" banner. Data Source Banner

  2. A modal will pop up; click on the data warehouse you want to connect to. Data Source Modal

  3. Complete the items on the list. First, check the name of the data source to ensure it is unique on Infer. Snowflake Name

  4. For Snowflake, Provide the following parameters required to connect to your Snowflake account: Snowflake JSON

  5. Infer will automatically test the connection before you can save Test Connection

After connection test, you will be informed with the result. If there's an error, fix it if possible and test again.

  1. Click on "Connect and Save" to add Snowflake as one of your Data Sources. Save Snowflake

If you have trouble finding the required parameters, please contact your organization's administrator.