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Projects, Views, and Queries

Creating a project, a view, and a query are the three main steps in completing any analysis in the Infer platform.

This hierarchical structure allows for a smooth, organized workflow, enabling users to extract, analyze, and derive insights from their data effectively and efficiently.


Creating a project is the first step in any Infer analysis. This is where the user should think, what am I trying to achieve?

To create a project, users must select a data schema from a connected data warehouse or CSV. This schema represents the structure of the database, including tables, fields, and the relationships between them.

This data schema will be used for the rest of the analysis, so select what is most relevant to your goal.


Views, in this context, refer to SQL queries that users create within a project.

These queries essentially act as the foundational data for your analysis, allowing you to specify what data you want to extract for analysis from the schema selected in their project.

Views are then subsequently used in SQL-inf queries to produce machine-learning-powered predictions and insights.

Views run directly on your data warehouse, so you can use any SQL dialect and capabilities native to your data warehouse.


Queries here refer to SQL-inf Queries.

These are advanced queries that allow users to use sophisticated analytics and machine learning commands.

These queries use the view created by the user as the base table, but extend SQL to include new commands like PREDICT, CLUSTER, and SENTIMENT.