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Learn to Infer

Learn how to perform complex analysis using SQL-Inf and the Infer platform.
Here you will find tutorials, use case guides and syntax references.

Explainable Predictions

Learn how to use SQL-Inf and Infer to do explainable predictions with ease. If you are new to Infer, this is a good place to start.

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Advanced Text Analysis

Once you are comfortable with predictions, it is time to move to the next level. Learn how to analyse text and unstructured data using SQL-Inf.

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Similarities and Segmentations

Learn how to segment your data into distinct clusters perfect for user segmentations. Also learn how to find similarities between records.

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Learn Use Cases

Learn about specific use cases, from churn analysis to lead scoring, the theory behind them and how to use Infer to analyse them.

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SQL-inf Syntax

Dig into the details of the SQL-inf syntax - learn what commands are available, what options are possible and how they work.

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Use SQL-inf with DBT

Download the DBT adapter for Infer and immediately start using SQL-inf's powerful ML commands within your DBT models.

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