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Quick start

Let’s get your first project completed in 60 seconds!


Create a project

Select a dataset that you would like to analyse to start a project. Infer Coworker will help get you started with AI-powered suggestions.


Run a suggested query

Coworker will provide 3-5 queries based on your data. Select one, put it into action, and draw inspiration from the results.


Explore the findings

Explore interesting insights curated by Coworker, along with analysis evidence and raw output. Now, assemble these elements into your own data story.


Perfect and present

Arrange your insights on a storyboard, fine-tune the content and visuals, and then present within Infer to your team and stakeholders.

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Tailored for enterprise workflow

Empower, Integrate, Elevate


*Integrate a Data Source

As an enterprise user, harness the power to seamlessly incorporate diverse data sources into Infer. This includes establishing connections with your organisation's data warehouse, uploading CSV files, and more.

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*Operationalise and monitor

Seeking consistent and ongoing analyses? Easily schedule a recurring query at your desired frequency to receive regular insights.

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