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Scheduler: Unleash the Power of Machine Learning for Business Growth

Infer's Scheduler feature isn't just about automating repetitive tasks—it's a catalyst for driving transformative growth in your organization by operationalizing machine learning analytics. By allowing you to automatically execute and implement predictive models like Lead Scoring and Churn Analysis, Scheduler empowers your analytics team to become a revenue-driving powerhouse. This guide delves into the details of what Scheduler is, how it changes the game in implementing ML analytics, and how to manage it effectively.

What is Scheduler?

Scheduler is an advanced feature in Infer that enables you to set up recurring executions of predictive analytics models. Unlike traditional schedulers that focus solely on SQL queries, Infer's Scheduler is engineered to bring machine learning analytics into your operational workflow. This means your analytics team can not only automate but also implement ML-based insights directly into business operations, in real-time.

How to Schedule

  1. Select the Model: Choose the predictive model you want to schedule, such as Lead Scoring or Churn Analysis.
  2. Set Frequency and Parameters: Define how often you want the analysis to run and any other relevant settings.
  3. Output Destination: Choose whether you want the result to update a dashboard, notify a team, or trigger another workflow.
  4. Save and Activate: Confirm your settings to start the schedule.

Results from Schedule

Your scheduled results can manifest in various ways depending on the output destination you've chosen:

  • In Data Warehouse: A new table with predictive scores.
  • In Notifications: Alerts or emails sent to specific teams or individuals.
  • In Infer Platform: This enables you to use Infer to further monitor related metrics and KPIs.

Review and Update a Schedule

Reviewing and updating a schedule can be done from the 'Schedules' tab on the Infer platform, where you can pause, edit, or delete your existing schedules.

Through Infer's Scheduler, operationalizing machine learning analytics is no longer just a dream—it's a reality that can propel your organization into a new realm of efficiency and growth.