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Data Stories: Turn Your Data Into Compelling Narratives

Data Stories are a unique feature that transform your data analysis into insightful, easily digestible narratives. This guide will walk you through what Data Stories are and how to use the Story Board, Presentation, and Sharing features to make the most of this tool.

What is a Data Story?

A Data Story is an organized sequence of visualizations, insights, and context that narrates a specific analytical journey. Designed to be easy-to-read and compelling, Data Stories help to convey the nuances and key takeaways from your data in a format that can be easily shared and presented.

Story Board

Creating a Story Board

The Story Board serves as the foundation of your Data Story. It is an interactive workspace where you can drag and drop Data Story Cards generated by Coworker or create your own. You can rearrange the sequence, add text, and include other types of media to create a more enriched narrative.


On the Story Board, you can also customize each Data Story Card. Edit the titles, adjust the visualizations, and annotate key points to make the story uniquely your own.


In-Platform Presentations

Once your Story Board is set, you can enter Presentation mode. This feature allows you to present your Data Story right from the platform, complete with transition effects and the ability to zoom in on specific details.

Export Options

If you prefer, you can also export your Data Story to various formats such as PDF or PowerPoint, providing you with the flexibility to present outside of the Infer platform.


Easily share your Data Story by generating a secure, shareable link. This enables stakeholders or team members to view your Data Story without needing access to the Infer platform.

By harnessing the power of Data Stories, you can make your data analysis more impactful, creating compelling narratives that drive action and understanding.