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Coworker: Your AI-Powered Data Analyst

Meet Coworker, the AI that functions as your dedicated data analyst within the Infer platform. Coworker offers a range of automated features, from suggesting machine-learning use cases to constructing data narratives that make interpreting your data simpler than ever.

What is Infer Coworker?

Infer Coworker is an AI-powered tool designed to augment your data analysis capabilities. It acts as your assistant, automating complex tasks like generating machine learning models, visualizations, and insights, so you can focus on making data-driven decisions.

Suggestions from Coworker

How it Works

Coworker scans your connected data sources and SQL-inf queries to suggest machine learning use-cases tailored to your data. These suggestions can range from customer segmentation to churn prediction, helping you get the most out of your data without needing to manually code models or queries.


Once you review the suggestions, you can simply click to execute them. Coworker takes care of running the appropriate SQL-inf commands and generating the machine-learning model, saving you time and effort.

Data Story Cards from Coworker


After executing a suggestion, Coworker identifies the most important automated visualizations related to the analysis. These visualizations are then transformed into data story cards, a format that makes it easy to share and present your data findings.

Deck Compilation

You have the option to compile these data story cards into a deck, allowing you to easily share a complete data narrative with stakeholders or team members.

Insights from Coworker

Insight Generation

On each data story card, Coworker writes down the most interesting insights derived from the visualizations. These insights provide context and highlight key takeaways, making it easier for you to understand the implications of your data.

Data Narrative

By using Coworker, you can effortlessly create an entire data narrative. These narratives serve as comprehensive reports that you can use to drive strategy, present to stakeholders, or guide data-driven decision-making.

By automating the complex aspects of data analysis, Coworker empowers you to focus on actioning insights and driving value from your data.

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